Top 5 Thriller Novels of All Time


Best Thriller Novels of All Time: Read them and be thrilled to bits!

You must really be a person of great taste if thrillers and mysteries are what that entice you. Thrillers are nail-biting, spine-chilling and can hold you at the edge of your seats. I must tell you they are real page-turners. Are you bored of all the mundane plots and way-too-much fantasized love stories? Then take a break and venture into the mystical space of mystery and explore the novel world in a better way.

Top 5 Thriller novels of all time:

You really ought to be grateful as picking the top 5 was seriously painstaking. It was like picking a needle out of the haystack. So here we are presenting to you the top 5 mystery thrillers of all time.

The Girl On The Train – Paula Hawkins:

The Girl On The Train - Paula Hawkins

The girl on the train written by Paula Hawkins was the in the top list for more than 13 consecutive weeks after its release, and it took the same position when it was again nominated in the year 2016. It received a lot of positive reviews and awards, and almost 2 million copies have been sold so far.

The Da Vinci Code – Dan Brown:

The Da Vinci Code - Dan Brown

The only author alive, who can perfectly trap you into his mystery, slowing reveal the plot and flawlessly tie all loose ends, is none other than Dan Brown. His book the Da Vinci Code became such a hit that it out sold the every other top selling book that year. This book, The Da Vinci Code can put your faith to test, but the author makes sure that he restores it in a much better form.

The Silence of the Lambs – Thomas Harris:

The Silence of the Lambs – Thomas Harris

The Silence of the Lambs is filled with so much horror that his novel can psychological disturb you for days. His words can turn you upside down as the author’s world becomes your world now. You see, fear, laugh and cry along with him. No other book can give you such a gripping experience. This book received a lot of accolades from readers and reviewers alike.

Killing Floor- Lee Child:

Killing Floor- Lee Child

Killing Floor written by Lee Child is first person thriller novel speaking from the perspective of the protagonist, Jack Reacher. It was the debut novel by Lee Child, which bagged a lot of awards the very year it was released. Following this, three books were released, and all the three were considered as the prequel to this book.

Gone Girl- Gillian Flynn:

Gone Girl- Gillian Flynn

Flynn was a person who had interests in exploring the impact and consequences that long term relationships can have on human psychology. As a result, she came out with the brilliant novel that became the New York Times best seller within days of its release. The novel was adapted into a film which saw both commercial success and critical acclaim.

As we are nearing the end, a lot of you are squinting to check if we have missed out something. With puckered brows, you scroll to check if we really didn’t add any of Agatha Christie’s works. Of course, thrillers are incomplete without her works, but if we bring her on board, then the other authors will never have a place here, for you crazy fans of Agatha Christie here are her top 3 mystery thrillers ever!

  • The Murder On The Orient Express
  • And Then There Were None
  • The Murder Of Roger Ackroyd