Top 5 Magazines in the World


Are you passionate about magazines? Then check out our top 5 list and see if it matches yours!

The love for magazines can never come to an end. Though lot websites and apps provide the e-reading facility, a book is always a book. Subscribing for a monthly or bimonthly magazine is great for simple reasons. Every time you see the post man at the door step you rush to take the door to find out if your magazine has arrived. It looks like a gift from ‘me to me’ which is something nice. The excitement of reading that special magazine of yours anytime, anywhere is a special feeling. So here we are listing the best magazines that reside in our hearts beyond time and history.

Top 5 magazines of all time:

#5. National Geographic:

National Geographic

This Magazine is recorded to have circulated over 3.5 million copies recently and is believed to be a super power, globally. The magazine is designed in such a way that it suits the taste of an academician. It features unknown facts about nature, science, and history. It is one of those magazines that’s been around for a long time, making sure that it provides nothing less than the best to its readers.

#4. Reader’s Digest:

Reader’s Digest

Reader’s Digest doesn’t restrict itself to age, gender or profession. It focusses on the larger scale of audience. Although the magazine was designed and published in the US for the first time, it has reached a place where it has earned loyal readers globally. It is a monthly magazine and reaches your doorstep promptly. It is a family friendly magazine and has been around for more than a century.

#3. Game Informer:

Game Informer

Game Informer is available on the public platform both as magazine and as a website. Both had a great reach since the day they came into existence. However, after the website was redesigned in the year 2009 it was a massive hit, and the web traffic for this page is jam-packed since then. Both the magazine and the website speak about different video games, and more than 7 million copies of the book have been put into circulation.

#2. AARP Magazine:

AARP Magazine

For those of you who are ardent followers of magazines from the early 1990s you must be knowing the name “Modern Maturity.” This is the same magazine that was renamed in 2001 as AARP Magazine. It is the widely sold bi-monthly magazine in the United States of America. It sold more than 23 million copies in the year 2015 alone. Every new publication reaches the doorstep if you are a member of the AARP. Since the reader base largely consists of seniors, the content focuses more on health and other related topics. And for those of you who do not know what AARP stands for, it is American Association of Retired People.

#1. Awake! :


Published by Jehovah’s Witness, Awake! ranges among the top two widely circulated magazines in the entire world. It is a bi-monthly magazine and more than 55 million copies are sold every two months. Translated into more than 100 languages and sold in 19 different countries, Awake is loved and read by people who belong to various ethnicities. I would like to give the word ‘ethnicities’ a better emphasis as Awake! is a religious magazine and still holds a position in the hearts of the people.